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Welcome to IYCWorld!

If you're really enamoured by the Big 4 - Google, FB,
Amazon, Apple - bite your lips, as you read on.

IYCWorld is all set to be the first human organisation to touch every 7 bn of us,
and the mother earth, like no on else, ever.

Our twin axes of human revolution

K-12 education

Fortunately, quality of school education is THE determinant of future success! Formal higher education, as is, matters for professional licensing and peer-ship demands.


The most critical application of AI is in enabling 'Democracy 2.0' - Direct Democracy as the governance model! Politics matters, ever more so as liberal democracy is failing humanity!


New-genre resources

World's first K-10 revolution fueled by new-genre teaching-learning resources; 100% fail-safe transformation

No adult left behind

No teacher and parent left behind; unprecedented level playing field w.r.t. access to opportunities, for every family

'Children as creators'

('Children as knowledge creators') as the default 'pedagogy'; refounding K-5 pedagogy on 'ALL children are talented'

Cut school spend

Systematically cut expenditure on schooling of nations and families; enrich communities for 'whole-child development'


Money-Less Elections

True democratisation of election - anyone eligible can contest and reach all constituents; ONE digital campaign platform for all

Living Governance

Extensive AI in governance for 24X7, closest engagement with EVERY citizen in maximising individual and societal achievements

Self-Service Government

Digital, convenient, and corruption-free provision of all government services, e.g., marriage certificate; unswerving dignity to citizens

Right Governance

Redesigning governance (drawing board up) and minimising its cost, rule of law, and dynamic accountability for outcomes