Classroom teaching-learning process needs a paradigm shift from the current top down approach (Teacher to student) and teaching at gross level to student centric teaching at learning outcome level (micro conceptual level) to ensure all students in the classroom have understood the topic being taught at conceptual level without resorting to learning by rote. Students also need access to unique learning outcome-based content resources for both pre-class reading and post class revision.

What’s Period Plan?

Most comprehensive teaching-learning plan for each period. Period plan lays out period wise CBSE Curriculum based Learning outcome mapped lesson plan for Math, Science and Social science for classes I-XII. It gives the road map for each period to Teachers. Teachers are enabled to add to learning outcome mapped Period Plan as additional reading for the benefit of the students.

What’s the need of Period Plan?

It helps teachers to organise their classes in a systematic way. A teacher can complete their syllabus in the given time period. Assessment questions can help students to evaluate their strength.

What’s unique about Period Plan?

It offers the world’s best period plan based educational resources. Simple to use, yet conceptually powerful, learning outcome (Microconcepts) mapped CBSE curriculum based content woven with Assessment questions for each learning outcome and Additional Resource by their teacher, to help children understand fundamentals of every concept.

What does the Period Plans App offer?
  1. Teacher can assign each learning outcome of his/her subject to operational periods available in a week as well as share with students and parents.
  2. Uniquely extensive period plan based CBSE curriculum for class VI to X Maths, Science and Social Science approximately 2000 period plans.
  3. Pre-Class and Post- Class Assessment questions for each learning outcome at multiple levels of difficulty such as Level 0, Level 1 and Level 2.
  4. Teacher can upload Additional Resources in the form of Text and Images for each learning outcome and student can read it.
  5. Ability to post discussion inputs, like and see important updates, foster peer learning.
  6. Additionally, the App has recently been updated to offer -

  7. A downloadable dictionary in Hindi, Englishand Arabic each
  8. Recording of each word accessed for seeking meaning to help improve vocabulary and language
  9. Ability to highlight important texts for quick reference

You are most welcome to download the app from GOOGLE PLAY STORE, APPLE APP STORE and from (FOR DESKTOP APP) To access content, id and password will be provided on request.

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