It’s an App-based, 24 x 7, Class X Board Exam Preparatory resource for Math and Science.

It’s an equally valuable teaching resource – offers the most extensive and high-quality content.

What’s the need for PERFECTEN?

Class X is essentially about marks; an opportunity to undo you past poor grades for good, or put up a grand finale to your illustrious school years. Of course, ‘marks + concepts clarity’ is the dream education.
PERFECTEN is your dream (virtual) educational institution – to fill the gaps in your learning environment!

What’s unique about PERFECTEN?

Entire Class X math and science syllabi divided into over 235 learning outcomes (micro-concepts) – to help students know the exact things they need to know, focus upon, and prepare for the X Board Exams.

Micro-concepts power the following features and benefits, comprehensively unique to PERFECTEN:

  1. ‘Read, Test, Correct’ – Syllabi broken simple content to keep track of learning and marks
  2. ‘No-miss’ revision - No other learning resource needed besides NCERT books, it’s all that’s needed
  3. 80 / 80 – Meticulously used, all categories of students can score full marks – offers 3-level tests
  4. Foundation – You’ll fall in love with math and science – the other source of scoring full marks
What does the App offers?


  1. Previous years’ board exam question
  2. NCERT questions
  3. Exemplar questions
  4. Detailed explanations to unique questions from the previous years’ board exams
  5. Uniquely extensive learning resources (with necessary prior knowledge and applications)
  6. Listing of definitions and key learnings
  7. Ability to post discussion inputs , like and see important updates, if any
  8. Additionally, the App has recently been updated to offer -

  9. A downloadable dictionary in Hindi, English and Arabic each
  10. Recording of each word accessed for seeking meaning to help improve vocabulary and language
  11. Ability to highlight important texts for quick reference

You are most welcome to download the app from GOOGLE PLAY STORE, APPLE APP STORE and from
http://m.eduxgen.com/WindowsApp/perfecten.html (FOR DESKTOP APP) and enjoy 10 DAYS FREE TRIAL