Right parenting matters: A child educated only in school is an uneducated child - A harsh reality summed up by American Philosopher George Santayana.

You will be amazed at the effect of your involvement in your children’s education:

  1. Better Grades
  2. Happy disposition
  3. Positive attitude
  4. Enhanced Parent-Child bonding
  5. Healthy lifestyle (including use of technology in day to day life)
What’s Parent’s School?

It certainly is not the substitute to the formal school system but it vastly strengthens learning for your children. In its simplest form it is the model of next generation school system - the way educated parents will educate their children. It’s a (virtual 24X7) school that extensively and continuously handholds parents to become the best teachers for their children and makes their homes the best suited school for their children.

What’s the need of Parent’s School?

Undoubtedly children are most loved by their parents, if parents could be trained to be teachers for their own children, every child will get the best possible education. Unfortunately schools may never be able to ensure teachers who love their students (Good Teachers). It is far easier for you to be ‘Good teacher’ than to find a ‘Good teachers’ in school.

What’s unique about Parent’s School?

It offers the world’s best educational resources. Simple to use, yet conceptually powerful, learning outcome (Micro concepts) mapped CBSE curriculum based content woven with prior knowledge, practice exercises and activities to help children understand fundamentals of every concept.

What does the Parent’s School App offer?
  1. Uniquely extensive CBSE curriculum for class I to X Maths, Science and Social Science.
  2. Additional content mapped to IGCSE & ICSE boards.
  3. Practice questions for each learning outcome at multiple levels of difficulty such as Compulsory questions, Comprehensive questions, Enrichment questions, Pre-exam Review questions.
  4. Ability to post discussion inputs, like and see important updates, foster peer learning.
  5. Additionally, the App has recently been updated to offer -

  6. A downloadable dictionary in Hindi, English and Arabic each
  7. Recording of each word accessed for seeking meaning to help improve vocabulary and language
  8. Ability to highlight important texts for quick reference

You are most welcome to download the app from GOOGLE PLAY STORE, APPLE APP STORE and from (FOR DESKTOP APP) and enjoy 10 DAYS FREE TRIAL